Centrepoint Travel Software

A powerful utility that provides your applications with the capability to make HTTP-based enquiries and bookings on a travel provider's viewdata system.

As web-based enquiry and booking systems become more prevalent there is an increasing demand for automated interfaces to ‘back-end’ viewdata systems that provide web applications with convenient, transparent, access to valuable and up-to-date information. BookVX provides an easy to use solution that meets the need for these real-time enquiries and bookings.

BookVX accepts an HTTP request from a web application that specifies the required action on a particular viewdata system and contains any parameters required. BookVX then executes the action using the preconfigured script for that system and returns any data items specified for that action. The web application can then process the response and display any information in the desired format.

BookVX makes use of the integrated ScriptVX viewdata scripting engine. ScriptVX provides powerful functionality that allows sophisticated scripts to be developed to drive the interface with each individual viewdata service. This ensures the reliable extraction of information and enables enquiries to be taken all the way through to bookings.

BookVX runs as a service on either Microsoft® Windows or Unix/Linux.

You can download a PDF diagram of a typical website solution using BookVX.

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