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A Windows viewdata emulator that faithfully displays full 40-column viewdata terminal screens. It is IP-based and features a services directory and a search|send script facility for quick and easy connections to different services. Allows for secure connections with SSL server authentication and encryption.

An accurate and straightforward IP-based viewdata emulator.

Settings for each service are simply the service name, the host name (or IP address), the host port number, the security indicator and the search|send string (if required). If the security indicator suggests that a secure (SSL) connection is required then the host is authenticated via its server certificate and encryption is employed. The search|send string can be used for automatic login to a service and consists of one or more pairs of question/response substrings separated by the ‘|’ character. For example:
“User ID:|myID#|Password:|mypassword#”.

The services directory can be shared among several ConnectVX users and the particular service to automatically connect to can be specified on the command line.

During emulation the keyboard is mapped as you would expect. In addition, the auxiliary keypad ‘-‘ key maps to ‘Reveal Display’ and, for convenience, the auxiliary keypad ‘Enter’ key maps to ‘#’.

Displayed screens can be printed or saved to disk as viewdata (.vdt) files.

Download and install a demonstration copy of ConnectVX. When you connect through to the sample application, you can use any text for ABTA number and password as these are not verified.

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