Centrepoint Travel Software

A Windows screen editor that enables the rapid creation of new viewdata pages or the replication of existing viewdata pages.

Viewdata effects can be added by selecting from the menu or by entering the escaped code manually (eg <escape>A for Alphanumeric Red).

The page that is being created or edited is the 'primary' page but blocks of characters (eg a mosaic graphic) can be selected and copied from another 'secondary' page for pasting onto this page.

To enable easier creation of graphics images it is possible to import a simple external image into a selected block with automatic scaling and translation to mosaic graphics.

The new/updated primary page can be saved as a viewdata (.vdt) or as an HTML (.htm) file. The HTML files utilise the proprietary <VDATA> tag so they can form the basis of a new WebVX display/input screen.

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