Centrepoint Travel Software

A UNIX-based application suite that allows a client's customers or staff to have 24-hour interactive access to selected information from the company database using cheap viewdata terminals or inexpensive PC software and modems.

Company information to be made available may include product/service bulletins, ledger account details and marketing/sales news and analysis - there is even an internal electronic mail system to use for messages and queries. Authorised customers could also, for example, place orders directly and receive up-to-date order status information - all without tying up the client's own staff on the telephone.

VIEWpoint requires the UNIX operating system but an inexpensive Intel-based machine could be used as the viewdata server. People requiring access only need cheap terminals or inexpensive PC software and modems.

VIEWpoint provides all the facilities required to set-up and maintain a viewdata database and user registration details (including individual passwords). The executive handles all incoming calls, registers the users and guides them through the display screens in a friendly, logical manner.

VIEWpoint screens that a user selects may be 'display only' or they may also invoke underlying software programs that use the executive to manage input and output with the user in the consistent 'viewdata' fashion. In this way, VIEWpoint could allow the user to interact directly with other application systems (such as order processing) without any time-consuming involvement of staff.

You can also download a PowerPoint presentation of the overview.

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