Centrepoint Travel Software

Enables you to provide a low-cost viewdata interface to your reservation systems simply by leveraging existing web-oriented development skills.

WebVX is ground-breaking technology that would allow you to provide a viewdata distribution channel for your inventory at a fraction of the cost of developing a bespoke alternative.

It is a fact that travel agents prefer using viewdata and WebVX enables you to quickly build such an interface to your cutting-edge web-based reservation systems.

WebVX is a web browser (HTML 1.0) that runs as a TCP/IP service on a Windows server. Users with legacy videotex terminals (eg travel agents) can connect via dial-in and/or a LAN and browse web pages on an intranet or on the internet (including forms entry).

WebVX currently drives videotex terminals and emulators that support the UK ‘Viewdata’ (Prestel) standard or the French 'Minitel' (Télétel) standard.

WebVX facilitates your development of modern, feature-rich web applications that include a videotex display channel for your trade clients.

You can download a PDF format overview or Powerpoint presentations for an overview and for samples of HTML page rendering.

There is also a demonstration available of a simple ASP/HTML-based brochure ordering system rendered in viewdata by WebVX. Note that a copy of our GoVX ActiveX control for viewdata emulation will automatically be downloaded in order for you to view the demonstration. Use any text for ABTA number and password as these are not verified.

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